It’s time to find your broom and magic wand!

Witches and Wizards of Brooklyn

Young PLAYers

WHO: (Rising) K – 4th Grades

WHERE: Prospect Park (11th Street entrance drop off)

WHEN: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

DATES: August 8 – 12

COST: $550 (week long program)

Program Description

Young Players Series (K – 4th Grades)

Find your broom and magic wand! Dust off your spell book because you will be spending a week at the Academy for Witches and Wizards. There will be spells to learn and create and potions to make. But a surprise meeting with an unexpected villain will our student witches and wizards to the test! Will they be able to use their magic to ward off the evil that looms?


Each week culminates in a socially distanced Friday afternoon sharing at 2:30 PM. Sign up for one week or for the entire summer!
Important Program Details

Outdoor Program Details

  • Drop off is at 9AM at the 11th Street entrance of the park.
  • Pick-up is at 3PM at the 11th Street/PPW entrance of the park .
  • When there is more than a 60% chance of rain, we will cancel the program for the day and provide a zoom link. We are not able to provide and indoor space.
  • Please send your child with a lunch, large bottle of water, and two snacks.
  • We take a mid-morning and afternoon snack break.
  • Make sure your child wears supportive/comfortable shoes. No flip-flops please.
  • Make sure your child dresses comfortably in clothes that they can move in freely.
  • Sunscreen should be applied in the morning.
  • Please apply sunscreen every morning and send your child with sunscreen to apply during the day as needed.
  • Please send your child with a hat for sun protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Summer FAQs here or contact us for more information.