PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn

Adult Workshop

WHO: For Adults Only

WHERE:  Virtually Offered via Zoom

WHEN: Monday Nights, 8pm – 10pm

DATES:  7/13, 7/20, 7/27, 8/3, 8/10 (show)

COST:  $250 

Program Description

Brooklyn Stand-Up is going virtual! What a better time than now to get your comedy on?

Do you love to make people laugh or just want to know what it takes to mine and develop those funny ideas you have? Have you ever watched Comedy Central and thought “I wanna try that someday.” Well now is your chance.

Brooklyn Stand-Up is the perfect class for everyone, from the aspiring professional stand-up comedian to someone who just wants to be more comfortable and engaging in their work presentations.

In Brooklyn Stand-Up you will learn how to:

  • Use Joke Structure to turn funny ideas into jokes
  • Find the funny
  • Mine a premise
  • Develop your confidence and stage presence
  • Speak publicly with more ease
  • Develop your ideas

Weekly Themes

  • Weeks 1 & 2: How to Think and Write Funny; joke structure, writing methods, building a set, and preparing an idea for the stage
  • Weeks 3 & 4: Honing in on writing, developing stage presence, act outs, performing and taking the bit further.
  • Week 5: Time to hit the Zoom! Virtual stand-up show performance!
About Joe Larson

Joe Larson (Instructor)

Joe Larson is a second generation comedian which means he has more than a career of experience, he has a life time worth! Joe has been seen on Americas Got Talent, Gotham Comedy Live, The Tonight Shows Laugh Squad, Laughs on FOX and several other shows. He has written for not only his stand up but also for TV, web and even some oddball projects like the Frank & Funny greeting card line. The class is fun and informative and you will leave with a good foundation for stand-up comedy, a tight 5 min set and the feeling of confidence and pride knowing you’ve conquered one of human kind’s biggest fears… Using a music festival porta-potty.


  • I highly recommend taking Joe’s class. Having taken numerous stand-up workshops and comedy classes, I can honestly say I got more out of my time working with Joe than I did all the others combined. Joe not only helped me edit and tighten my material, but also showed me how to “find the game,” and drill down and expand on what gets the biggest laughs. As a working comic who has performed in the biggest clubs all across the country, Joe not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. What impressed me most is how unbelievably supportive he is of young comics. Joe’s honest and constructive feedback, coupled with his willingness to share his vast experience, is certain to help you take your stand-up to the next level. — Greg Cartin, Comedian


  • As writers we all have the issue of being unfocused or the joke being too long. Joe has a great ability to dissect and breakdown your joke, the subject is clear and the point gets across precisely. It’s helped me out a lot in my writing. —– Josh Bae, Comedian


  • When you’re looking for a comedy teacher, you want someone to have been where you want to go, and Joe has done it all. From releasing albums, to headlining around the country (and the ocean!) to writing and performing on television, Joe’s resume is in a league of it’s own. He has translated his experiences into knowledge like a hairy comedy Yoda. Joe has an uncanny knack for identifying the actual premise to a joke and then helping you peel the onion so you can develop multiple punchlines. He also stays true to your voice. He won’t write your material for you (unless you want him to), but he’ll definitely make you a better writer and comic. More importantly, he’s not a spastic weirdo like 99% of comics, so it’s actually pleasant to spend an hour or three writing with Joe. Simply put Joe Larson is hands-down one of the best comics and teachers in New York City and when you’re the best in the city, you’re the best in the world. — Linette Palladino, Comedian


  • Joe Larson is not only funny bit he is so clever and such an intelligent joke writer. I can always trust that if Joe is watching my set he will have a winning tag or a fresh perspective to offer me when I get off stage. —– Anjelah Johnson.