Have Fun and Build Confidence.

Voice & Acting

Private Coaching

WHO: For All Ages (all levels of experience)

WHERE:  Virtually Offered

PRIVATE COACHING: $100/hr (one-on-one)

SEMI-PRIVATE COACHING: $50/hr per person (groups of 2-4)

Program Description

BAL is now offering private and semi-private vocal and acting coaching remotely in addition to in-person. 

Maybe your child has been begging for singing lessons… Maybe your tween or teen has their heart set on a specialized high school or university and needs to prepare for auditions… Maybe YOU studied theater in college and haven’t worked on a monologue since the nineties… Maybe you’re a working performer who wants to hone your craft and/or find work in voiceover or remote acting opportunities…

Whatever the goal, NOW is the time for one-on-one (or semi-private) coaching!

  • All levels of experience welcome!
  • Reconnect with your creative side!
  • Prepare for auditions while you have the time!
  • Have fun!

CONTACT US to inquire or learn more.

Vocal Coaching


  • work on personality-based material appropriate to skill level
  • focus on vocal dynamics within a song
  • develop breath support and learn when/where to breathe in a song
  • explore character analysis within a musical piece and its connection to the voice
  • understand the differences between singing registers
Theater Coaching


  • select a monologue that is appropriate and plays off the student’s strengths
  • analyze the text and understand the obstacles within the scene and the objectives/intentions of the character
  • understand the physical and emotional circumstances of the play
  • work on cold reads to practice the skill of making bold and interesting choices on the spot