Sequoia Sellinger

the Addams Family

Sequoia Sellinger is a NYC based composer, performer, musical director, curator, and stand-up comedian. She is a recent college graduate from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music. Being a multidisciplinary artist she has created music/sound design for a number of plays, musicals, dance, film, performance art, video art, pop artists, and for her band, Slow Loris. Recent works include a sci-fi inspired folk musical Gravity of Me Gone that premiered this summer as a part of ANT Fest at Ars Nova, as well as Imogen, a new musical that premiered at SUNY Purchase this past Spring. She has been a composer in residence at Fontainebleau Conservatoire in France, Seal Bay Festival in Maine, at John Zorn’s The Stone, as well as Imani Winds Festival at Mannes. For more please check out:



The Addams Family: Music Director