Pamela Joy

Creative Team

Pamela Joy (She/Her/Hers) Classically trained at DeSales University, Pamela is delighted to be a part of the BAL team. Always in touch with the child within, Pamela has always had a strong affinity for kids and their sense of play, wonder, and awe. Before the pandemic, she had the wonderful opportunity of performing as the Monster Mas character in various Bronx schools with the author of the Monster Mas Children’s Book Series. Pamela loves to perform for kids of all ages and some of her favorite theatre credits include Dara in Black Sheep (Kugga Inc.),Willie in Tennessee Williams’ This Property is Condemned (Always Love Lucy Theatre), Suki in Pinter’s Celebration (Double Down Productions), and Mary Anne in After Tartuffe (Fresh Fruit Festival). Pamela also has performed in several of D.S. Burrows’ plays including Bobble Head, Valentine, and Type. You can find Pamela Joy on her YouTube Channel called Channeling Joy. Here you’ll discover different gems such as her comedic character mini series “Confessions of a Quarantined Drama Queen”, an educational program called “Word of the Day”, and her mother’s personal favorite,“Josin’ for a Josie.” Pamela is beyond grateful to share the confidence boosting and community building gift of Theatre with others.