Jessica Yagoda

Creative Team

Jessica Yagoda is a Children’s Theatre Director and Teaching Artist based out of Hoboken, NJ. She founded Page to Stage, a children’s theatre program for Niagara Falls youth during her senior year of college. Graduating with a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance from Niagara University (’16), she brought Creative Drama with Jessica to Central NJ. Itching to be even closer to the city, she recently moved to Hoboken where in addition to working at Brooklyn Acting Lab, she is a Teaching Artist at Hoboken Children’s Theatre. Jessica was selected to receive a scholarship to be a New York Stage & Film and Vassar College Powerhouse Acting Apprentice in 2014, where her studies included Soundpainting taught my Mark Lindberg. Jessica has over 13 years of experience growing up at Victoria Buda’s Academy of Theatrical Arts. Here she wore many hats, including Performer, Intern, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Teaching Artist and Assistant Director for countless productions. But her favorite hat to wear is Paparazzi to her pug, Chloe. Due to personal experience, Jessica’s mission is to make theatre available to every child, especially at-risk youth.