Lyndol Descant rode the waves of her passion for Music to Canada, Europe and back. Fearless in her pursuit of mastering her craft, she has worked with greats like Peter Giron, Steve Browman and Keri Chryst at the American School of Modern Music in Paris and Kenny Bibase at McGill Conservatory in Montreal, Quebec. Lyndol has worked extensively as a Solo Artist, as well as with various bands and ensembles in the Austin, Paris, and Houston music scenes before moving to NYC in 2012. Currently, she is enjoying her role as Keyboardist and Back up Vocalist for World Impact Ministries in Bushwich, Brooklyn. She teaches private and group lessons at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Rosehill Music Studio in Westchester, Wingspan in Manhattan and Brooklyn Acting. She also teaches her own private roster of music students. For more information about Lyndol Descant, and to listen to her music, go to