Jr. Acting Lab: Mystery Mash-Up

After School Theater Program

WHO: For 1st-4th Grades

WHERE: 56 Windsor Place

WHEN: Wednesdays; 3:30-5:00PM

DATES: Feb 7th-June 12th

COST: $770 (school pick-up: 240)

Program Description

What if your favorite crime solving heroes came together to crack a case?! How would Dogman work with Kim Possible? Or Nancy Drew with Scooby Doo? Don’t forget our trusty detective over the pond, Sherlock Holmes! Or maybe even some other more unusual well known characters/celebrities that the ensemble deems great detectives! With your favorite characters on the mission, they will be able to solve the most impossible mysteries and bring justice to the community! This is your story to write. Who should be on this all star team? Join this class and create this original script of twists and turns playing your favorite super spies!

Important Program Details

School Pick-Up Available

  • No class on 2/21, 4/10, 4/24
  • BAL picks up at the following schools: PK 280, PS 10, 39, 107,  118, 130,154, 295, 321, Berkeley Carroll, Poly Prep, St. Savior, and The Roberts Field School.
  • If your school is not on this list, please email us at admin@brooklynactinglab.org. We will do our very best to coordinate a pick-up from your child’s school.
  • School pick-up cost: $240