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Brooklyn Acting Lab a place for Kids and Adults
Brooklyn Acting Lab for Kids and Adults
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Brooklyn Acting Lab’s mission is to create innovative theatrical works that reflect our diverse global community and to nurture new talent by providing a comprehensive arts training for children and adults. BAL partners with schools and community based organizations to provide arts-in-education programming, performances, and events, collaborating across the performing arts in order to exchange work and ideas with artists nationally and internationally.


Created by co-founders Kristen Lynch and Murat Ozcan, the quality and success of Brooklyn Acting Lab’s programming is related directly to the high caliber of expertise offered by its Administrators and Teaching Artists. BAL’s roster features some of the finest musical, literary and performing artists from NYC and beyond.


What’s new and happening at Brooklyn Acting Lab? Keep up with upcoming events by visiting the BAL Blog. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates, pics, videos and information!


In addition to employing experienced Teaching Artists, Brooklyn Acting Lab also mentors and trains up-and-coming artists in the field of arts education. We are constantly seeking innovative performers, educators, and administrators to join our family. Explore our employment opportunities here.