Improv Troupe

After School Theater Program

WHO: For 6th-8th Grades

WHERE: 56 Windsor Place

WHEN: Mondays; 6:15-7:30PM

DATES: January 9-June 12

COST: $765 (no school pick-up)

Program Description

Over the course of this workshop, actors will work to hone their ensemble skills and learn the basics of improvisaton and sketch comedy. Students will work on mastering multiple improv games and use their learning as a lens in examining the world they are creating and inhabiting in their social lives. We will pay special attention to encouraging and engaging each voice in the room to be heard throughout the process. We will generate ideas, create situations and settings, identify absurdities, write and perform our own sketches and bring them to hilarious conclusions. Students who have participated in Improv and Sketch can return to the class and continue to build and develop their skills.

On June 12th, there will be an in-studio performance at BAL.

Important Program Details

School Pick-Up Not Available

  • No class on 1/16, 2/20, 4/10, 5/29
  • School pick-up not available.