Acting Workshop: From Page to Stage

After School Theater Program

WHO: For 5th-8th Grades

WHERE: 56 Windsor

WHEN: Wednesdays; 6:30-7:45PM

DATES: January 4-June 14

COST: $875 (no school pick-up)

Program Description

Work on a play and develop your acting skills in this acting class. Young actors will work on a contemporary theatrical text and through a rehearsal process develop their acting skills. They will learn how to analyze text and play a scene moment to moment. They will deepen their listening skills and connection to their scene partners. They will explore character development through physicality and imaginative theater games and exercised. This ensemble-based program welcomes young actors who are ready to commit to a rehearsal process and work on and memorize text.

On June 14th there will be an in-studio performance at BAL.

Important Program Details

School Pick-Up Not Available

  • No class on 2/22, 4/12
  • School pick-up not available