Coaching & Lessons

Brooklyn Acting Lab provides private singing lessons, acting coaching, and audition prep. Our team of professional actors and performers will work with students to grow as a performer, build technique, feel confident, and have fun!


Vocal Lessons

Through singing lessons, you or your child will:

  • work on material based personality and skill level
  • focus on vocal dynamics within a song
  • work on breath support and where to breathe in a song
  • explore character analysis within a song and its connection to the voice
  • understand the differences between singing registers


Theatre Coaching Sessions

Through theatre coaching sessions, you or your child will:

  • explore and build the physical and emotional life of the character
  • analyze the text and understand the obstacles within the scene and the objectives/intentions of the character
  • make bold and interesting choices
  • understand the given circumstances of the play
  • work on cold reads to practice the skill of making choices on the spot


Prep for School Auditions – Theatre and/or Vocal

Middle, specialized high school, and university auditions can be stressful, but they don’t need to be. By working with a trained and professional performer/coach at Brooklyn Acting Lab, your child will have fun, feel confident, and be prepared for their audition.


Cost per session: $50/30 minutes & $100/60 minutes

Email: to schedule your session!

Photo by Marc Goldberg Photography