School Break
“Play In A Day”
K-4th Grade (BAL)


Ages: K–4th Grade
Hours: 9AM–5PM (4:30PM Share) or 9AM–3PM (no Share)
Brooklyn Acting Lab
1012 8th Avenue, Brooklyn

For our 2019 PLAY in a Day season, we will be exploring classics. We will ask questions, dissect, deconstruct, and reconstruct (with a twist of course!) classic stories, films, musicals, and songs with the PIAD ensembles.

No prior knowledge required! Come as you are and we’ll play and make a play . . . all in a day!

(Pssst . . . Does your child have a classic he or she would like to explore at a PIAD? Please do reach out and share!)

Photo by Marc Goldberg Photography

Spring 2019

We start each day by meeting everyone and developing individual characters appropriate for the big questions we’re asking in the drama. We play these characters in any number of situations throughout the day through process drama as we create our story and then share our work with grown-ups in a brief, fun sharing at the end of each day.

If a “share” is part of the day, it takes place at 4:30PM at our 8th Avenue studio. We encourage parents and/or caregivers to join, however we do understand that scheduling is sometimes difficult. As long as your child knows in advance, our staff will always be present for your children as their “audience,” and will provide a lot of support!

What to bring: Please have your child come in clothing they can move in, one water bottle, two healthy snacks, and a NUT-FREE lunch.

PLAY in a Day Timeline
(based on a 9 am–5 pm day; some days conclude at 3 pm)
8:00am – Early drop-off arrival
9:00am – Regular drop-off & Free Play
9:20am – Name Games, Rules, Theatre Games
10:00am – Wash hands and Snack
10:15am – Drop into the Process Drama
10:55am – Get ready for the park.
11:00am – Drama Games in the Park
12:00pm – Lunch back at the space
12:30pm – Rest/Quiet time
12:50pm – Theatre Games/Improv
1:15pm – Drop back into the Process Drama
2:00pm – Props, Set, Drama Material Creation
2:45pm – Wash hands and second snack
3:00pm – Finish Process Drama, Create Share
3:45pm – Bathroom and Room Set Up for Share
3:50pm – Playbill Creation
4:10pm – Final Run-through of Share
4:20pm – End of day reflection
4:30pm – Doors open for share
4:35pm – Shared Performance
4:50pm – Room Clean Up
5–6pm – After Care (3–6 pm for days that end at 3 pm)

What is a Process Drama?
“Process drama is a dynamic teaching methodology in which the teacher and the students work together to create an imaginary dramatic world and work within that world to explore a particular problem, situation, theme, or series of related themes, not for a separate audience, but for the benefit of the participants themselves.

In a process drama, students play a range of roles and engage in a variety of reflective out-of-role activities, requiring them to think beyond their own points of view and consider the topic from multiple perspectives. They emerge with an expanded self-awareness, and a greater sense of the challenges and the possibilities facing the society in which they live.

Process drama also carries the potential for rigorous, standards-based learning to occur. Students not only explore the dynamics, relationships, and conflicts that shape a given situation, but also to acquire factual knowledge related to the topic of the drama.” (from TESOL Drama)

If you have any questions at all please feel free to email or call us at (718) 238-8383.

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Photo by Marc Goldberg Photography