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Born in Turkey, he graduated from the Izmir Academy of Fine Arts-School of Theatre in 1987. His thesis was on the art of buffoonery within the works of Shakespeare and Carlo Goldoni. Ozcan emigrated to Paris in 1987, where he directed and acted for over twelve years. He has worked with director Jacques Weber in Nice and has acted in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Switzerland. In 1990, he established a theatre workshop, “Compagnie Ti-a-tro” with Laurent Charvillat in Paris. The same year, Ozcan set up the Turkish-American Theatre in New York, where he directed “The Ballad of Keshanli Ali.”
Since 1990, Ozcan has produced and directed nineteen outstanding shows in Paris and New York. They include such works as “Theatre Journal,” “Goodbye Godot,” and “Lysistrata.” In November 1997, Ozcan re-staged “the Ballad of Keshanli Ali” with enormous success. The Alternative Merge Theatre is Ozcan’s most recent creation. He founded this company in 1999, bringing together an international ensemble of enormous talent. The company’s first project was “The Custom” by Turgut Ozakman and was performed at the Theater for the New City in March 2000.
Ozcan’s understanding of theatre is enriched by his study of Stanislavky, Antonin Artaud, Tadeuz Kantor, Growtowsky, and Brook. He combines this with the traditions of Anatolie-Europe-American Theatre to form a contemporary synthesis. He strives to create a natural, direct, and simple theater, without cultural, spiritual, or personal boundaries. In this he succeeds beautifully.